Overton, Lyman and Prince LLP

Overton Lyman & Prince is the oldest law firm in Los Angeles (est. 1877), with a reputation for ethical and quality legal services.

About the Firm

Overton, Lyman & Prince LLP has the distinction of being the oldest law firm in the City of Los Angeles. It was founded in 1877 by Henry T. Lee and Jonathan R. Scott and later became known as Overton, Lyman & Prince. In its early years, the firm was known for its expertise in water rights, real estate, business law and its esteemed reputation in the business community. In recent years the firm has evolved into a boutique business firm.

The reputation of the firm for highly regarded legal services has been maintained throughout the years of the firm's existence. The long-standing policy of careful selection of partners results in amicable relationships and stability and helps to maintain the quality of legal services to clients. Each partner has an AV@ rating by Martindale-Hubbell and the firm's lawyers average 30 years experience in their respective areas of practice.

The boutique structure of Overton gives the firm several advantages over large law firms. Overhead costs are lower, enabling the firm to charge lower hourly rates. Cases are handled principally by one lawyer rather than two or more and no minimum billable hours are required. Each lawyer limits the number of cases undertaken at any one time in order to avoid delays and meet the client's time frame.

If clients require highly specialized services outside the scope of expertise of the firm, the firm's lawyers utilize the services of other, well-known lawyers in the community, when necessary.

Partners in Memoriam

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