Overton, Lyman and Prince LLP

Practice Areas

Business Law & Foreign Transactions

General business law is a long standing emphasis of the firm's practice. It includes preparation and counsel on all types of contracts and agreements. Unique in this area of law is a working knowledge of the business law of Mexico. Preparation of, and counsel on, cross border agreements with parties in Mexico for corporate and individual clients is provided. Counsel on legal issues under Mexican business law in connection with contract and corporate matters is a significant part of this firm's practice with the assistance of the firm's affiliate counsel in Mexico. Domestic and international business planning, including the most favorable choice of entity and evaluating tax consequences and operation of a business is fundamental work of this firm. This includes assistance in obtaining licenses and permits required to operate a business in the State of California and other jurisdictions. Securities law applicable to private offerings of partnership interests and limited liability companies pursuant to exemptions from registration is a part of the work in this area of law.