Overton, Lyman and Prince LLP

Practice Areas

Corporate and Commercial Law

A significant part of the firm's practice relates to corporate transactions. Corporate work covers the formation of corporate entities and the legal work in the area of securities law in connection with counseling officers and directors on basic and particular issues of corporate law which arise in the day-to-day operations of corporate entities. Corporate mergers and conversions to other types of entities, such as partnerships, limited liability companiescorporate entities, is a part of the firm's corporate practice. The firm's lawyers often have long continuing relationships with corporate and individual clients. Lawyers of this firm regularly serve as corporate directors for corporate clients. Commercial law in connection with the purchase and sale of goods and products is an important part of the work in this area of law. This includes counsel for clients that manufacture and sell products. All issues related to the California Commercial Code and commercial codes of other jurisdictions are a part of this practice.

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